Benefits of Buying a Used Landcruiser in Brisbane

used landcruiser brisbane

People who love to do outdoor activities usually spend a lot of money on their interests and hobbies. Mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and other activities and sports require you to buy a lot of equipment. And when you are travelling to different places with all your outdoor equipment, it is important that you drive a reliable car with enough space like a Landcruiser. And if you cannot afford to buy a brand new Landcruiser, you should settle for a used Landcruiser in Brisbane which is a lot cheaper but is still in very good condition.

The Toyota Landcruiser is a favorite among Australians. In fact, Toyota keeps on improving their Landcruiser models by testing them in the Australian outback, which is considered as one of the toughest place for a car in terms of terrain and temperature. If you love the Australian outback, you will surely benefit from buying a used Toyota Landcruiser.

Aside from this benefit and the obvious benefit of saving a lot of money when you buy a used Landcruiser, you can also enjoy other benefits of buying a used Landcruiser in Brisbane such as the ones in the paragraphs below.

Avoids depreciation hit

First owners of brand new cars are the ones who have to suffer from the depreciation hit. This means that a car becomes lower in market value by 30% in just two to three years. Depreciation is no longer as great in the years after, which means that second hand buyers can greatly benefit from buying a used car, especially something as expensive as a Landcruiser.

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Lower insurance fees

If you are protecting an expensive investment like a brand new Landcruiser, you need to pay a higher insurance premium because the insurance company has to pay a lot of money in case the car got involved in an accident. On the other hand, a used car does not require you to pay a large premium since its value is not as great as a brand new car.


Buying a used Landcruiser in Brisbane is beneficial because you are able to buy a reliable car at a lower price. Owners of 4WDs and other expensive cars are usually great owners. You can be sure that their car is properly taken cared of ad well-maintained. Its reliability has also been tested because it is still in good running condition even after many years of driving on tough terrains like the Australian outback. 

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